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£XXX.XX outside the UK (not inc shipping).
Adventure CrMo frame & fork bundle.
Bike-packing, gravel-grinding or grand days out!
29 x 2.4 wheels, fit easily.

"...looking for adventure in whatever comes our way..."


£540.83 outside the UK (not inc shipping).
The ultimate do-it-all CrMo hardtail frame.
Optimised for 100-120mm forks.
Fits 29 x 2.6 or 27.5 x 2.8 wheels.

Sirius | Scorching | The "Dog Star" | Trail hound.

"...it’s a real hoot…the bike doesn’t hold back at all...a really, thoroughly capable, and enjoyable trailbike that does everything so well...A big thumbs up.” – Just Ride Bikes

Stock status:
Batch #3-21, arriving August, pre-order now.