“One heck of a great ride…” –

“…a confidence-inspiring, hard-charging bike that can climb well…” –

“The Full Moxie is a bike that can take all that you throw at it and just keep on coming back.” –

“…good geometry, thoughtful frame material and solid technical attention to detail – it’s a well-executed, great riding trail bike with a gravity focus.” –

“…high-quality fabrication. A serious eye-catcher on the trails.” – The Loam Wolf

“…The Full Moxie is a capable bike for its intended class.” – The Loam Wolf

“…capable of nearly any typical enduro style descent, it does not lose its trail-bike liveliness…” – The Loam Wolf

“The Full Moxie loves to crunch miles and claw its way up steep, chunky climbs; then offers a lively ride on the descent that is not afraid to get stuck into some seriously gnarly terrain.” – The Loam Wolf

“It’s a hell of a bike.” – Pinkbike

“…hugely entertaining and very rewarding. It really is a very fun bike to ride and the stable ride, calm suspension, relaxed geometry all make it a very highly capable trail bike that excels on the descents…” – Pinkbike

“This bike can pivot on a dime, which helps to kick the myth that long 29ers can’t do tight corners into the long grass.” – Pinkbike

“…confidence when things get dicey…” –

“…it’s a fast descending, smooth rolling and sure-footed climber.” –

“A bike for the people…” – enduro-mtb

“…intoxicatingly fun…” – enduro-mtb

“…trail-focused personality will delight riders who are looking for a plush and comfortable ride for big mountain days or long laps out on the hill.” – enduro-mtb

“It’s a lively, speedy little thing that has given me a skill upgrade and shown me what it’s like to ride a bike that feels like an extension of your body.” – Singletrackworld

“…a bike that has me feeling like I have a constant tailwind.” – Singletrackworld

“…serious Golfie-slaying fun…”  – Singletrackworld

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“The ultimate do-anything hardtail?” MBUK

“A beautifully-finished, feature-rich steel shredder with fantastic ride quality.” – MBUK

“Excellent ride that suits both aggressive blasts in the woods and all-day missions in the hills.” – MBUK

“Impeccably-built frame, with neat welds and lovely finishing touches.” – MBUK

“Bang-on geometry gives the [Moxie] a lovely balance between high-speed stability and agility in the turns.” – MBUK

“Pipedream’s Moxie Mx3 is a simply beautiful frame, and super-versatile too…” – MBUK


“The character of the Moxie is one of quiet (unlike the paint job) confidence… putting plenty of full suspension bikes to shame. We are reminded once again that geometry is the key to a great bike, not suspension travel.” – IMBikemag

“The Moxie inspires confidence and makes you want to push it further and faster…This bike isn’t just a great descender; it can be ridden all day, trail centres, a razz in the woods, uplifts at your local DH track and all-mountain adventures. Nothing is out of bounds for the Pipedream Moxie!” – IMBikemag

“…a point ‘n shoot ‘n hang the **** on superstar” – enduro-mtb

“…the Moxie sings like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar.” – enduro-mtb

“…phenomenally capable and brutally fast…the Moxie is the most potent hardtail we have ridden.” – enduro-mtb

“This is the most competent and confidence inspiring hardtail I have ever ridden. If you are interested in hardcore hardtails, then this should definitely be on the top of the shortlist. Embrace modern, forward thinking sizing and open up a new world of performance.” – IMBikemag

“The Pipedream Moxie is a beautiful bruiser of a bike…For aggressive riders who want a hardtail to winch and plummet enduro style trails the Pipedream Moxie is a great bike: the attention to detail is fantastic, it climbs like an eMTB and descends like a runaway steam train.” – enduro-mtb

“There are no words………….OK………….the new Pipedream Moxie is red hot.” – enduro-mtb

“The new Pipedream Cycles Moxie – a hardtail that looks up for some trouble” – wideopen

“Pipedream’s new hardtail is seriously rad aggro steel” –

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The Moxie has been shortlisted for Scottish MTB Product Innovation award 2017, 2018 & 2019.
Winner of the Scottish Enduro Series (hardtail division), 2018.

Sirius S6 Titanium

“…not just a top bike for 2023, but maybe the most capable bike I’ve pedaled to date.” –

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more comfortable, confident, and inspired by a hardtail. It’s everything I hoped for and more.”  – Neil Beltchenko

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Sirius S5

“…the S5 is unique and unlike any other mountain bike I’ve ridden…” –

“The Sirius S5’s brilliance comes from the combination of two otherwise distinct elements: very progressive modern geometry and short-travel efficiency.” –

“I was immediately blown away by how well this bike handles when pointed down just about anything. Despite only having a 120mm fork, it was decidedly more confident and capable than any of the full-suspension bikes I’ve tested in the past five years, many of which were equipped with longer 140mm forks.” –

“It simply goes down anything and maintains best-in-class traction while doing so.” –

“I discovered a bike that essentially replaces several bikes, including a full-squish trail bike.” –

“There were few moments when writing this review that I wanted to use the word perfect…However, I can say without hesitation that this is the most capable and interesting hardtail I’ve ridden…” –

“In summary, the Pipedream Sirius S5 is an extraordinary steel short-travel hardtail…” –

“A short-travel hard-charger from the future…unlike any other bike I’ve ridden.” – Hardtail Party

“What a special bike! It has so much special sauce in all the right places.”  – Hardtail Party

“…never known a bike to climb this well, descend this well and still be this playful.” – Hardtail Party

“A fantastic rowdy trail bike that’s up for anything.” – Hardtail Party

“…a really capable, but still lightweight and agile, responsive hardtail.” – Just Ride Bikes

“…the bike doesn’t hold back at all.” – Just Ride Bikes

“…a supremely fast bike.” – Just Ride Bikes

“A good all-round UK trailbike.” – Just Ride Bikes 

“Pipedream…continue to prove that hardtails still have a valid place.” – Just Ride Bikes

“…a really, thoroughly capable, and enjoyable trailbike that does everything so well.” – Just Ride Bikes

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“A different breed of gravel bike…” –

“A.L.I.C.E. comes ready for adventure…a fantastic modern-day touring machine…” –

“It’s clear that Pipedream had a vision with this bike, and with its ability to handle the chunky stuff like mountain bike and still maintain a quick and snappy feel and an all-day comfortable ride, they nailed it.” –

“An excellent frame and fork option for adventure, bikepacking and gravel riding.” –

“It’s happy on rougher terrain, where the neutral riding position manages to hold momentum with ease. ” –

“…does exactly what it says on the tin…” –

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“Hooliganism refined” – enduro-mtb

“In steel, Pipedream’s Moxie is an eye-catching bike, in titanium, it’s dynamite.” – enduro-mtb

“Low slung, aggressive and in bare metal, it looks more like something that should be fired out of a gun. ” – enduro-mtb

“Point the bike downhill, light the touch paper and hang on!” – enduro-mtb

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“If you’re into big rides, big laps of trail centres and churning out some distance whilst still having a blast on the downhills then it’s definitely worthy of your consideration. If you want a bike that you can fire out quick rides going hammer and tongs round your local trails then it’ll do you proud.” – wideopen

“Muscular steering, full-featured steel hardtail with wheel and dropout versatility.” – MBUK

“Versatile big-rubber steel trail bomber.” – MBUK

“…a sturdy, shock-shrugging base for a wide range of builds.” – MBUK

“…rock-shrugging fun.” – MBUK


“It’s a bike that can destroy singletrack all day long” – Singletrackworld

“…the ability of the Skyline’s wafer-thin tubing to mute trail buzz is really quite incredible. The build quality of the frame is also staggering.” – Singletrackworld

“The Skyline is in a league of it’s own.” – Singletrackworld


“Light, fun and low on maintenance…quiet and satisfyingly smooth” – WMTB

“Throw in a geared hub and it could, just possibly, be the ultimate go-anywhere bike.” – WMTB

SIRIUS R853 (2012)

“A tapered headtube welded to the front of this mud-friendly, light and lively 853 frame, has created a bang up-to-date trail bike.” – WMTB

“It’s a bike for all seasons.” – WMTB 

“Tapered headtube and 650b-compatible rear end, seal the deal.” – WMTB


“…the redesigned Sirius delivers in spades.” – WMTB 

“The sorted handling, impeccable ride quality and 130mm fork compatibility mean it’s all the trail bike you’re ever likely to need. Light, lively, versatile and a whole bunch of fun, it’s also exceedingly good value.” – WMTB 

“Strong enough for 130mm forks yet lively enough for trail duties, this is a consummate all-rounder.” – WMTB 



“Singletrack handling is superb…the ride is lively and well balanced…It’s our clear top value choice.” – WMTB 

“Top value, well designed, thoroughly practical cross country frame.” – WMTB

“The word ‘neutral’ could almost have been coined to describe this bike’s ride character. Neither nervy or ponderous, it feels right as soon as you climb aboard.” – MBUK



“Some bikes we ride we like, some we don’t, but just a few of them we fall in love with. Such was the case with the Sirius for me.” – Bikemagic

“I liked the Sirius we tested last year so much that I had to build one up for myself.” – Bikemagic

“…the layout delivered a beautifully sprightly ride. This isn’t a hang-back-and-hope bike – the Sirius wants to actually be ridden, and responds to getting over the front and doing some work…everyone who had a go came back grinning.” – Bikemagic



“The ride responses of the frame are superb. It has a taut but resilient feel, skipping without fuss across the bumpy stuff and appearing to have a real spring in it’s rhythm on climbs and in sprints.” – MBUK

“The Sirius Ti felt spot on for fast cross-county use but the long-fork geometry allows a relatively carefree approach if the going gets really tough.” – MBUK

“A hard-riding hardtail at the weight of an XC race bike for a good price.” – MBUK

“A great technical trail bike…″ – WMTB


“The combination of stout feel, agile geometry and plenty of clearance both above and below the frame makes for a bike that loves technical trails, up and down.” – Bikemagic



“Where carbon meets steel, magic is made.” – WMTB

“It climbs well, it deals with fast rocky drops as well as any hardtail we’ve tested and it inspires on singletrack.” – WMTB

“This is a point and pedal bike of the highest calibre..” – WMTB



“…the bike was one of the most instantly likeable and all-out fun bikes we’ve ever ridden.” – Singletrackworld

“…a brilliant rascal of a ride.” – Singletrackworld

“…grin-tastic ground-hugging performance.” – Singletrackworld