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From: £1,478.95 £1,128.00

The Ultimate hardtail MTB.
Optimised for 140-170mm forks.
29 x 2.5 or 27. 2.8 wheels.

Mox·ie (mŏk′sē) n. | Courage; guts | Aggressive energy; initiative | Skill; know-how.

“The Moxie inspires confidence and makes you want to push it further and faster…This bike isn’t just a great descender; it can be ridden all day, trail centres, a razz in the woods, uplifts at your local DH track and all-mountain adventures. Nothing is out of bounds for the Pipedream Moxie!”  IMBikemag

Complete bike ships to UK & EU only.

From: £2,848.90 £2,248.00

All-steel, all-mountain, full-suspension bike.
140-146mm rear travel.
Optimised for 140-160mm forks.
29 x 2.5 or 27. 2.8 wheels.

The Full Monty (British, slang) | Something in its entirety | Everything you could expect it to include; all that you want or need.

"It’s a hell of a bike." - Pinkbike

"...serious Golfie-slaying fun..." - Singletrack

“...for big mountain days or long laps out on the hill." - enduro-mtb

"A bike for the people..." - enduro-mtb

"...intoxicatingly fun..."  - enduro-mtb

Complete bike ships to UK & EU only