Hope headset


Navigating the Minefield “…headsets are a bit of a minefield! Integrated, integral, reducers, dimensions and types all contribute to confusing the situation. Don’t panic! We have now made top and bottom cups available separately allowing our headsets to fit almost any frame and fork combination. Hopefully this brochure will help you through choosing the right headset for […]

Pipedream Specification


Fork Length Our MTB frames are designed to take a 90-130 mm travel fork. A useful tool to calculate frame geometry with a wide selection of forks, can be found at Bikegeo. Sirius and Scion geometry is based on an axle to crown length of 480mm. Frame Features The design is compact up front which gives […]

Tubing Comparisons


Hype, Fact or Fiction? A lot of hype surrounds the selection of a tubeset for a bicycle frame. Each tubeset has characteristics that make it suitable for the intended use but often the reasons behind the choices are overstated, with a hefty dose of techno-babble thrown in for good measure. Read the press, blogs and […]