Endura Jerseys

We’ve collaborated with Endura to create a couple of special jerseys that are available for a limited period, directly from Endura themselves.

First up is an understated, modern design with HAND DRAWN TREES and a new-for-22 Moxie Double Pink-Diamond motif. You thought double black-diamond was extreme? This is off the charts!

The second offering is our classic Moxie crew, TARTAN IN THE FOREST jersey. A subtle spectrum of colours (including pink) contrasts boldly with black sleeves and our brand logos.

Both designs can be seen in 3D, following registration.


Your order will be made directly with Endura who will handle all sales and shipping.

Endura have price bands so the more jerseys that are ordered, the cheaper they become. The bands are >5, >10, >25, >50 and >100 and the final price will be based on the number of jerseys in each band. Consequently, the price of your jersey(s) could be cheaper when the order book closes and your payment is completed on your card.

After registration you’ll be presented with 2 jerseys, with fit and size choices for women or men. Both 3D Visuals are visible on the page but it’s important that you select the correct page from the top menu before you make your order selection. The options are illustrated below.

The order deadline is 5th January 2022 and anticipated delivery is 16th February 2022.

Regrettably, Endura can only ship to a UK address. For information about how to order if you’re outside the UK, please contact us directly.

For more information and to register with Endura, click here or the image above.

Endura sizing guide.