Origins and Evolution


Our first ever steel hardtail was the Sirius and was made from ‘modest’ heat-treated 4130 CrMo. This frame has been the template for our geometry since the very beginning. As we added products to the line-up, it made sense (at least at the time) to carry the name over to our Titanium frame which shared the same design.

When the Sirius was upgraded to Reynolds 853 and updated with sliding dropouts, it should really have been renamed. At the time we didn’t know this. So, why the issue? Because just over the horizon (or more specifically, on the drawing board) was the Scion which is, in fact, the closest thing to our original Sirius frame.

Around the same time, sliding dropouts were introduced as an option on the Sirius Ti. However, with conventional dropouts also an option, we basically had in this version (once again), the next closest thing to our original Sirius frame.

Next came our Reynolds 931 super-bike and this time we almost got it right but to distinguish it from our other frames, it got named the Skyline. In reality, besides the tubeset, it was identical in every respect to the Scion R853 and Sirius Ti (non-sliding dropout) and (yet again), a remake of the original Sirius frame.

So, to clear things up, take a look at the infographic which can also be summarised as follows (click to view larger image):

Pipedream Cycles Infographic
Our current line-up consists of 3 ‘families’ of frame – Scion (26″, cowled dropouts), Sirius (26″, sliding dropouts) and Skookum (29″, sliding dropouts and belt coupling). The Scion and Sirius both have the same geometry but slightly different tube profiles and different dropouts.