Welcome to 2021.

We hope you’re managing amidst the myriad difficulties facing us all at the moment. We’re also hoping 2021 will be a brighter and more positive year, but challenges remain.

Crucially for us, things are good! We have stock of frames, we’ve more frames on the way and our long-term planning and preparation has thus far kept things steady. However, due to the ‘B-word’ and ‘C-word’ (which elicit some other words!) we’re cautious about delivering promises.

The challenge that almost every company is facing globally is the movement of ‘stuff’ along supply lines: from the raw materials to the finished products, things are not moving as easily or as quickly as before. There’s reduced cargo capacity, increasing freight costs, significant delays and friction in the process.

Our response to this, rather than just hoping for the best, is to keep communications open and keep you informed about what’s going on. So here goes…

Brexit and what that means for you.

So it’s happened…

The good news for UK customers is that it’s business as usual but, expect some a few hiccups. Customers from anywhere else need not worry as we’re striving to make sure the checkout and delivery process is as smooth as possible. Yes, there’s still some unknowns, but we’re doing our best to figure them out!

International customers.

Take a look at our F.A.Q. section for answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you’ve still got any concerns or questions, contact us: you won’t be the first.


The cost of almost everything increased in 2020, due to many factors, and we expect this to continue into 2021.

The cost of shipping internationally has already increased significantly due to fluctuating currency rates, reduced cargo capacity, delays at freight hubs and friction at borders. Steel prices are reported to be increasing this year; manufacturing and finishing costs too.

In response to these factors, we’ll be reviewing our pricing so that we can continue to cover our costs and deliver the same quality of products and service. Expect prices to increase.

Current stock and future supply.

For many reasons supply is tricky at the moment for all businesses, but we have frames, are due more frames soon, and have orders in for more this year. If you want the latest information or status updates, keep an eye on this page or sign up to our newsletter.

If you’ve stayed current with industry news, you’ll know that getting a bike or components in 2021 is going to be a big deal so, while the not-so-good news may be that your frame may be delayed, the really good news is, if you pre-order (or have already pre-ordered), you’ve got one coming!

Also, if you’ve pre-ordered a frame (or bundle), we’ll update you when we have news for you.

The Full Moxie.

Currently we have stock of all colours and sizes with enough shocks for all frames. We also have stock of spare parts.

Moxie Mx3.

The inbound shipment of Moxie frames is now scheduled to arrive on the 1st of February but with current pre-orders, some sizes/colours are close to selling out and some already have. We’re expecting the next batch to arrive at the beginning of Q2.

Sirius S5.

Under normal circumstances, we should have had enough frames to meet 3 months demand, but 2020 was far from normal! Consequently, the first batch of S5 frames virtually sold out in under 4 weeks and there’s only a handful left. Pre-ordered Starry Night frames are inbound with the Moxie shipment. We’re expecting the next batch to arrive in Q2 and we’ll begin taking pre-orders in March.


We are very low on stock and resupply will not be until the end of this year (at the earliest). Our ALC43 rigid adventure forks are still available.


We have ample stock of DVO Diamond forks and will restock throughout the year so we can continue to offer frame and fork bundles on the Moxie and The Full Moxie.

We have ample stock of our new SRS48 suspension-corrected, rigid MTB fork. With no decals or logos and finished in gloss black, it pairs with almost any hardtail MTB frame.

Build your own bike.

Amidst all the difficulties in sourcing parts, there are great advantages to building your own bike at the moment. The ability to shop around and mix and match parts from different brands gives you more freedom and options to find the kit you need to build your dream Pipedream bike.

We have a reliable supply of suspension from DVO and wheels from Pacenti and will be offering rolling chassis options to make custom building your bike more affordable.

Thanks for your continued support.