Pipedream Cycles Gates Carbon Drive

Our Skookum 29er R853 has feature not found on many other bikes – a ‘splitter’ at the dropout which allows the use of a Gates Carbon Belt Drive.

There’s articles and resources on the web which can give you more details about this system so we’re not going to take the space to repeat everything that’s already been said. We encourage you to have a look for yourself.

That said, we feel there’s some questions to be answered.


Despite the advance in materials and manufacturing, many of the components we use today have not seen a major evolution. Take the ‘modern’ derailleur for example, which hasn’t really changed much since the 1940′s. Granted, we’ve got lighter and stronger materials, greater reliability and more gears but the principle is still the same – drag or shunt the chain from one cog to another. This is only one example. For more, let me recommend “It’s all about the bike” by Robert Penn, which is both an entertaining and informative read about bicycles and their development.


We love innovation and exploring the creative developments in bicycles. Alternative drive-train systems are exciting developments in our opinion. We also love versatility and having a choice so we figured, why not do it?

The Skookum 29er has a number of features which allow it to be built up in a number of configurations. Sliding dropouts allow single-speed or internal gear hubs as well as the ability to tweak the length of the wheelbase. With our replaceable dropout inserts, Rohloff or Alfine hubs are easily accommodated or ‘normal’ derailleur systems can be used if that’s your preference. Cable routing takes these options into consideration and cables are routed under the BB for a ‘clean’ look should you choose to go SS or for a gear-hub option. And of course, the ‘splitter’ offers you the choice of chain or belt.

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about – choice. Simple as that.