FAQEven though we try to have comprehensive product information on this site, we appreciate that not everyone has the time (or patience) to search through our pages for the answer. Many of you seem to prefer shooting us an email or giving us a call.

We get many of the same questions over and over again so we’ve addressed them below.

You might even find the answer you’re looking for…


One of the reasons we can offer such good value is we sell direct to folks like you. There are a handful of shops in the UK and Europe that stock our steel MTB frames but if you’re interested in sourcing one through your local bike shop, have them contact us.


Purchases can be made by giving us a call, emailing us, or ordering on-line from this site. We can process debit and credit cards, we accept Paypal payments, BACS payments (bank to bank, for UK customers) and Wire Transfers (bank to bank, for International customers).


We ship all over the world (including North and South America) from the UK and Singapore. Shipping prices are standardized for the UK mainland, the EU and the Rest of the World (ROW). We use express couriers so transit times are kept to a minimum.


We currently have good stock of all our all our steel MTB frames. Our Titanium frames are fabricated on demand and lead times are around 4 – 6 weeks at the moment.


For all our frames we offer a standard affordable spec’ based around an X-Fusion fork, Halo Wheels and a SRAM X5 (3×9) or Shimano SLX (3×9) groupset, and various other Gusset and Halo finishing components but if you’re after a custom build (to your specification) then we can do that too. Hope, USE, Middleburn, Chris King, Velocity, Rohloff, Gates (Carbon Belt Drive), Renthal, ODI, Shimano Alfine, Enve are just some of the products we can add to your bike to give it that ‘bling factor’. Whatever kind of build you’re after we will do our best to fit in with your budget. Just email us or give us a call so we can discuss your requirements.


We’ve recently updated our on-line ordering system so that our customers can order some finishing components along with the frame without the need to email us or phone us. However, there’s also a comment box at the checkout so if there’s anything else you need, give us your contact details and we’ll follow up.


Only the Scion R853 may need these and they’re available direct from us for £15.00 (includes postage). This will soon be an option on our Scion R853 page.


These are available direct from us for £15.00 (includes postage).


By default the Sirius and Skookum are shipped with regular sliding dropouts that allow you to run a traditional geared set up. If you’re intending to run your bike as a single speed or with an internally geared hub such as an Alfine or Rohloff we can swap the right hand slider out for one that has no derailleur hanger. If you’re running a Rohloff we can swap the left hand one out too for one that has a deep slot (Rohloff OEM). For those of you that wish to stiffen the back end up, we’ll soon be offering the option of purchasing 142×12 dropouts for both frames too.

If you have other questions, then please give us a call on 01291 408708 or send us a message using the form on the contact page.