We’ve been building 27.5 mountain bikes since 2010 and were arguably one of the earliest adopters of this wheel size. However, 29ers were aggressively hogging the lime-light and (in our opinion) unjustifiably over-shadowing what we considered to be a far better ‘platform’.

We built a 29er too and once again, adopting new technology, offered something different in a Gates Carbon Drive compatible frame. It was a good bike – no arguments there – but it wasn’t a slack-angled, long-travel, hardcore hardtail. So the Sirius remained our go-to trail bike and continued to serve us happily, much longer than ‘the industry’ said it should have done.

So, finally someone figures out fork offsets and 29″ diametre wheels are back in the game (and showing us all how compromised the first few generations of 29er really were).


Off on the fringes, people were having fun – yes, FUN! – riding fat-tyred mountain bikes that defied the industry ‘standards’. Furthermore, a few pioneers were experimenting and developing rims, tyres and other stuff while generally, ‘the industry’ ignored such foolishness.

These fat bikes were often simple and arguably, openly defiant of what was considered ‘right’ or conventional. Wrong or unconventional (who cares), one thing they definitely were was fun.


Pipedream 27.5+ Annotated - 1

So, with new kit available and a load of possibilities opening up before us, it was time for an update to the frame that’s defined Pipedream for more than 10 years – the Sirius. Sure, the Skookum was our first true ‘big foot’ but the Sirius has been 27.5-ready since 2010.

We design bikes that we want to ride ourselves and each design is the culmination of many hours of research, development, modelling and tweaking. Furthermore, our relationships with component designers, suppliers and riders in Taiwan mean we have invaluable ‘insider’ feedback from the cutting edge of the bicycle industry.

Our tubing is drawn and butted in the same factory as our frames by arguably the best in the industry who also, incidentally, make tubesets with names you know well. The choice of an in-house tubeset may seem odd when some builders are opting for branded tubing but this allows us to get exactly what we need instead of making decisions based on whether we’ll get ‘the sticker’ or not.

So, here’s just some of the features:

  • custom butted and profiled CrMo 4130 heat treated tubing for optimum strength
  • anti-corrosion treated frame
  • DT custom butted and bent to eliminate the need for gussets
  • DT horizontally ovalised at BB for greater stiffness
  • custom CS/BB yoke for strength and huge tyre clearance
  • the ability to take either 27.5×2.8 or 29×2.4 wheels/tyres
  • adjustable chainstay length
  • 142 or 135 replaceable ‘swapouts’ so you decide (both sets supplied)
  • 44mm (internal) head tube
  • geometry optimised for 110-130mm forks (140mm max.)
  • 1x specific gear routing
  • dropper post ready (either internally or externally routed)
  • Matte paint and decals, with 2 colour options, Charcoal or Toxic Lemon
  • Metal headbadge


A big shout-out to FUNN MTB who will showcase the frame at Eurobike 2016.

The build photo’s below are thanks to Kenny at FUNN who scrambled to throw on some components for us before the frame is shipped to Germany. The show bike will be rebuilt and will feature their latest products and will also have the latest Zelvy 27.5+ rims.

If you’re at Eurobike 31st August – 4th September, drop in and see us at the FUNN booth, hall/stand No. FG-B8/1