Sumo Wrestling


This is a scary question. My advice? Get out of there quick – it’s a trap! We live in a weight-obsessed world…

Speaking to prospective customers on a daily basis, I frequently hear, “How much does the frame weigh?” It’s a valid question but when we consider that the frame is only a part of the bicycle (and the most important part at that) perhaps a better question would be, how much does the bike weigh? The answer to this depends, of course, on a number of considerations: how you plan to use the bike, your budget and the near infinite possible combinations of components – you already know this.


This is the term refers to the appropriate weight at which someone is the most physically fit to fight. ‘Appropriate’ is an interesting word choice as there’s the implication that a number of factors have been considered.

Only a few hours ago, I finished building our latest bike – our stainless steel, Reynolds 931, Pipedream ‘X’. Choosing the build was moderately challenging for a number of reasons which I’ll explain.

1. This sub-4lb frame is going to be ridden by me and I weigh 87 kg in my ‘birthday suit.’
2. I like my hardtail to be able to handle technical-trails with moderate ease
3. The build has to be realistic/achievable in terms of budget

I could add a few more to this list but you catch my drift.

I’ve spent several months thinking about this bike and the build. At times I’ve caught myself considering the weights and merits of various components. This is so not me! Frankly, what’s the point of being weight-obsessive when, with a bit of discipline, I should be able to drop 3-4kg of body weight!


When the frame finally arrived yesterday, I ‘grabbed the bull by the horns’ and settled for a thoroughly practical build which included some of my favourite (and trusted) components.
So, here it is:
Pipedream X R931 frame
Fox Float 32 FIT RL
Cane Creek 110 headset
Hope QR collar
Thomson Elite X4 stem (90mm)
Thomson Elite Post
Selle Italia SLR Flow
Easton EC70XC carbon bars
Lock-on grips (no-brand)
SRAM X9 cranks, FD, RD, shifters, cassette, chain
Hope Race Evo brakes with 160mm rotors
Hope SP3/DT Swiss 4.20 wheelset
Geax Saguaro 2.0″ tyres (with tubes)
Exustar 215 pedals
Total weight, 10.6kg/23.3lbs
With some different choices – a SRAM SID fork, DT Swiss XR350 rims, lighter tubesless tyres, a carbon post, etc – I could probably drop another 450g/1lb or more, but frankly, it would be far easier (and a whole lot cheaper) to lose 1kg of body weight.

So with that thought, I’m off to hit the trails and melt some fat.

For more pictures of the bike, take a look at our Reynolds 931 set on Flickr.