Pipedream Specification

Fork Length

Our MTB frames are designed to take a 90-130 mm travel fork. A useful tool to calculate frame geometry with a wide selection of forks, can be found at Bikegeo. Sirius and Scion geometry is based on an axle to crown length of 480mm.

Frame Features

The design is compact up front which gives great stand-over height. The top-tube is long enough to give you balance and stability going down and keep the front wheel planted going up.

  • Compact frame – steeply sloping TT
  • Traditional ‘A’ seatstays
  • Double bent stays
  • Disc specific (no V-brake bosses)
  • 73mm bottom bracket

Hardware & Components

Olympic R931  27.2 31.8 1/A
Scion R853  27.2 30.0/28.6 1/A
Sirius Ti  27.2  31.8 1/A
Skookum Ti  27.2  31.8 1/A
Sirius R853  27.2  30.0/28.6 1/H
Skookum R853  30.9 1/

Average Weight

The weights of our 18.0″ frames is listed below:

  • Sirius Ti weighs 1.4 kg/3.1 lbs (non-sliding dropouts)
  • Olympic R931 weighs 1.8 kg/3.96 lbs
  • Sirius R853 weighs 2.46 kg/5.4 lbs
  • Scion R853 weighs 2.25 kg/ 4.97 lbs

As a comparison, an Orange P7 frame (Reynolds 631, sliding dropouts) weighs 2.74 kg/6.0 lbs

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