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Scheduled arrival 01/2018


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The Moxie is the definitive enduro hardtail.

Long, low and slack is race proven and has redefined what’s possible in mountain biking. The Moxie pushes the boundaries of what’s possible from a steel hardtail mountain bike with genuinely long, genuinely low, and genuinely slack geometry.

It takes moxie and a no-compromise approach to frame design to develop a frame like this. Custom-made tubing was the only way we could achieve the reach and BB drop we wanted in our longer frame and create the enduro hardtail we envisaged. Special butt profiles avoid the use of gussets and the results are clean lines and super-strong joints which have not been exposed to extra heating/welding which potentially weakens the joint.


Sizes available: Long & Longer

Long Longer
A: Head Angle 65.5 65.5
B: Seat Angle (effective) 76.5 76.5
C: ST C-T 420 420
D: TT Length (effective) 624 664
E: HT Length 95 95
F: BB Drop 64 64
G: Chainstay Length (min) 415+ 415+
H: Wheelbase 1199 1239
X: Reach 470 510
Y: Stack 641 641
Fork Length 555mm Headset ZS44/28.6 and EC44/40
BB Width 73 mm Max Tyre Size 27.5×2.8″/29×2.4″
Seat Post 30.9mm Seat Clamp 34.9mm
BB Height 27.5*2.8 299mm BB Height 29*2.4 308mm
Dropout Adjustment +16mm Seat Angle (above the bend) 72.5



  • Limited edition name plate.
  • Custom CrMo 4130 heat treated tubing
  • DT custom butted and bent for increased strength
  • DT horizontally ovalised at BB for greater stiffness
  • ST bent for greater wheel clearance and to allow short stays
  • Short ST for optimal use of dropper posts
  • Compact front triangle for strength and plenty of stand-over height
  • Custom, machined CS/BB yoke for strength and huge tyre clearance
  • Optimised for 27.5″ wheels with 2.4-2.8″ tyres or 29er wheels with 2.4″ tyres.
  • Oversized head tube for tapered steerer fork.
  • Sliding/replaceable dropouts provide +16mm of adjustment
  • Cable routing for externally or internally activated dropper post
  • 1 set of bottle bosses
  • Metal headbadge
  • Supplied with 148mm bolt-through axle
  • Frame is ED treated before painting

Specification of frame is subject to change without prior notice.


Current dropper posts offer around 100-170mm of adjustment allowing a wide range of riders to fit a frame with a 16.5”/420mm seat tube.

Typically, a riders height is 2.5x the distance between the crank centre and the saddle, or alternatively, saddle height is rider height divided by 2.5. With the appropriate selection of dropper post (minimum insertion/maximum extension considered) the Moxie will typically fit riders between 5’5” and 6’3” (1.65m-1.90m).

The table below illustrates recommended fitting.

Rider Height Recommended Size Recommended Dropper Saddle Height (approx)
5’5”/1.65m Long 100/125 660
5’6”/1.68m Long 100/125/150 670
5’7”/1.70m Long 100/125/150 680
5’8”/1.73m Long 125/150/170 690
5’9”/1.75m Long 125/150/170 700
5’10”/1.78m Long or Longer 125/150/170 710
5’11”/1.80m Long or Longer 150/170 720
6’0”/1.83m Long or Longer 150/170 730
6’1”/1.84m Longer 150/170 740
6’2”/1.88m Longer 150/170 750
6’3”/1.90m Longer 150/170 760


  • “The Moxie inspires confidence and makes you want to push it further and faster…This bike isn’t just a great descender; it can be ridden all day, trail centres, a razz in the woods, uplifts at your local DH track and all-mountain adventures. Nothing is out of bounds for the Pipedream Moxie!” – IMBikemag
  • “This is the most competent and confidence inspiring hardtail I’ve ever ridden. If you’re interested in hardcore hardtails, then this should definitely be on top of the shortlist. Embrace modern, forward thinking sizing and open up a new world of performance.” – IMBikemag
  • There are no words…………. Ok………….the new Pipedream Moxie is red hot. – enduro-mtb
  • Eurobike 2017: Pipedream Cycles’ Enduro Hardtail – singletrack
  • The new Pipedream Cycles Moxie – a hardtail that looks up for some trouble – wideopen
  • Pipedream’s new hardtail is seriously rad aggro steel –

Long, Longer


Neon Pink, Swamp Green, Ultra Violet, Unpainted (with Black ED coating), Wild Teal

Rear Axle

148mm x M12 (P1.75) rear axle supplied with frame.

Custom Tubing

Special tubing was necessary for this frame as no branded tubing supplier offers a downtube with the specification to build this frame.
The Moxie uses custom butted, heat treated, CrMo 4130 in the front triangle and heat treated CrMo 4130 stays.
This super-alloy is drawn and butted in the same factory that our frames are fabricated in which allows us to not only keep everything in-house, but to also draw on their technical expertise as leaders in this field.

ED Coating

All of our frames are ED treated (Electrophoretic Deposition). This covers every surface, inside and out, with a uniform non-porous layer which protects the frame from corrosion. The frames are then painted.


Weight 2.6kg/5.7lbs, frame-only (longer); 2.8kg/6.2lbs (including dropouts, bolts, thru-axle and cable clips)


British design, made in Taiwan.