Skookum Titanium 29er (belt-drive singlespeed)

“Light, fun and low on maintenance…quiet and satisfyingly smooth”
“Throw in a geared hub and it could, just possibly, be the ultimate go-anywhere bike.”
What Mountain Bike Magazine – Read the review


Sirius R853 (2012)

“A tapered headtube welded to the front of this mud-friendly, light and lively 853 frame, has created a bang up-to-date trail bike.”
“It’s a bike for all seasons.”
“Tapered headtube and 650b-compatible rear end, seal the deal.”
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Sirius R853

“…the redesigned Sirius delivers in spades.”
“The sorted handling, impeccable ride quality and 130mm fork compatibility mean it’s all the trail bike you’re ever likely to need. Light, lively, versatile and a whole bunch of fun, it’s also exceedingly good value.”

“Strong enough for 130mm forks yet lively enough for trail duties, this is a consummate all-rounder.”
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Sirius (1st Generation)

“Singletrack handling is superb…the ride is lively and well balanced.”
“It’s our clear top value choice.”
What Mountain Bike Magazine – Read the review

“Top value, well designed, thoroughly practical cross country frame.”
What Mountain Bike Magazine – Read the review

“The word ‘neutral’ could almost have been coined to describe this bike’s ride character. Neither nervy or ponderous, it feels right as soon as you climb aboard.”
Mountain Biking UK (MBUK)

“Some bikes we ride we like, some we don’t, but just a few of them we fall in love with. Such was the case with the Sirius for me.” – Read the Review

“I liked the Sirius we tested last year so much that I had to build one up for myself.” – Read the Review

“…the layout delivered a beautifully sprightly ride. This isn’t a hang-back-and-hope bike – the Sirius wants to actually be ridden, and responds to getting over the front and doing some work…everyone who had a go came back grinning.” – Read the review


Sirius Titanium

“The ride responses of the frame are superb. It has a taut but resilient feel, skipping without fuss across the bumpy stuff and appearing to have a real spring in it’s rhythm on climbs and in sprints. [The Sirius Ti] felt spot on for fast cross-county use but the long-fork geometry allows a relatively carefree approach if the going gets really tough.”

“A hard-riding hardtail at the weight of an XC race bike for a good price.”
Mountain Biking UK (MBUK) – Read the Review

“A great technical trail bike…Performance 9/10″
What Mountain Bike Magazine

“The combination of stout feel, agile geometry and plenty of clearance both above and below the frame makes for a bike that loves technical trails, up and down.” – Read the review


 Bikeradar 4 StarsBM: RatedBM: 5 stars


“Where carbon meets steel, magic is made.”

“It climbs well, it deals with fast rocky drops as well as any hardtail we’ve tested and it inspires on singletrack.”
“This is a point and pedal bike of the highest calibre..”
What Mountain Bike Magazine – Read the review


Bikeradar 4 Stars

Torero FS140

“…the bike was one of the most instantly likeable and all-out fun bikes we’ve ever ridden….a brilliant rascal of a ride…grin-tastic ground-hugging performance.”
Singletrack Magazine – Read the review