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  • Posted: October 17, 2012 
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Out on the road

Regardless of still being plagued by injury, over the last few weeks we’ve been venturing out and about for a change to try and give our frames the exposure that they deserve.

At the end of September we took a very wet and long drive up to Todmorden, Yorkshire to visit the guys from Singletrack magazine. That day we had with us the Scion R853, the all new Skyline R931 and the Moxie R631 prototype. We left the Skyline with Jon (Singletrack’s Web editor) to ride and review and we’re looking forward to hearing what he thinks of it. Here’s Jon’s recap of our visit – http://www.singletrackworld.com


Last weekend it was Oktoberfest at Ashton Court in Bristol. We braved the mud and cold and went along to see the guys at Wideopen Magazine. Again we turned up with the Scion and Moxie and also the Sirius that had recently come back from MBR magazine. It was great to finally meet the guys from the magazine. Being based in Bristol they’re real close to our UK base in South Wales so we’re hoping that they can do a lot more product testing for us in the future. They’ve taken the Sirius away with them to make up their own mind about it – apparently though, and according to Editor Jamie, they intend to fit (a lot) wider bar and a more updated fork, both of which should help show them the Sirius’ more aggressive nature. Being the gravity orientated magazine they tend to be, they’re also interested in testing the new 160mm travel Moxie, so once they’re done with our other bikes we’ll be getting that across to them. This week we’re spending some time preparing a Skyline R931 for editor Jamie to test, so look out for his review of that soon. Here’s what the guys wrote about our meeting on the weekend. http://wideopenmag.co.uk

Updated Sirius re-tested

Back in the summer we got our our PR man Keith from Max Bikes PR to hand over a Sirius R853 demo to the guys at What Mountain Bike magazine. At the time we weren’t aware that the frame was going to be tested against some other brands so we hadn’t really supplied a bike that was covered in suitable armour and ammunition to go up against some of the longer travel hardtails, but regardless of this, we did rather well anyway. 4 out of 5 stars and 2nd place is not bad at all and only half a point difference between the Sirius and the winner.

The real beauty of the Sirius – (Scion and Skyline included),  is that the frame can be built up to suit whatever kind of trail riding you wish to do, and with it’s sliding dropouts for bigger wheel / singlespeed capability and tapered headtube for accepting the latest forks, as What Mountain Bike mag say, it’s future proof. It’s comfortable being ridden aggressively with 140mm of suspension travel up front and the seatpost lowered, but it’s equally comfortable when you put your weight weeny head on and build it up with a short travel fork (80 – 100mm) and lightweight race kit. [Only last week we sold a Sirius to a XC racer that wanted a bike he could race on in the summer and one which he could turn into a trail bike in the winter]. See the test in the October 2012 issue of What Mountain Bike magazine or click on the following link to see a scan of the test - Sirius R853 review or click on the following link to visit the review on http://www.bikeradar.com

We’re just about to send a couple of the new R853 and Titanium Skookum 29ers into circulation with the press. We’re going to keep one back for demo purposes though, so if anyone fancies a play on one drop us an email and we can organise a test ride either at the Forest of Dean (Gloucestshire), Ashton Court (Bristol), Leigh Woods (Bristol) or Cwmcarn (South Wales).

We’ll be releasing pics of the the new Skookum 29er R853 in the next few days so keep a lookout on here, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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