Pipedream Moxie Ti – first ride

7 June 2018

“Point the bike downhill, light the touch paper and hang on!…Low slung, aggressive and in bare metal, it looks more like something that should be fired out of a gun. ” – enduro-mtb

Available now from our dealers in the CZ Republic and Japan.


15 April 2018

Hardtail Category

1st, Lewis Kirkwood: POC Scottish Enduro Series #1, Laggan Wolftrax

2nd, Danny O’Callaghan: Hope PMBA Enduro #2, Grizedale Forest

Lewis Kirkwood, SES #1

2018 Welsh Gravity Enduro #1

17 March 2018

Hardtail Category

10th, Dan White: Haibike Mini Enduro #1, Bike Park Wales

Dan White, Haibike Mini Enduro, Bike Park Wales

Vallelujah, Tweed Valley

25 March 2018

Tweedlove, Whyte Vallelujah

A trio of pink but no hardtail category in this event (sadly) but that didn’t deter Lewis, Danny O’ and Si from having an absolute blast in the Tweed Valley. Lewis ‘rode it like he stole it’ coming in 35th overall in a field of over >500 riders and (unofficially) posting the fastest time on a hardtail. Danny and Si (taking it a lot less seriously and racing each other instead) finished with respectable mid-table placings.

Lewis Kirkwood, Whyte Vallelujah, 2018

Moxie Crew

March 2018

We’re excited to tell you we’ve got 5 brand ambassadors riding the Moxie this year.

They’re passionate riders and a talented bunch who are also actively involved in developing and supporting mountain biking for the benefit of us all. Keep an eye on them this year and lend them your support.


7 March 2018

First Look: Pipedream A.L.I.C.E. gravel and adventure bike. A frame to take you straight to bikepacking wonderland- off.road.cc


24 October 2017

“The Moxie inspires confidence and makes you want to push it further and faster…This bike isn’t just a great descender; it can be ridden all day, trail centres, a razz in the woods, uplifts at your local DH track and all-mountain adventures. Nothing is out of bounds for the Pipedream Moxie!” – IMBikemag

Sirius 4G

04 October 2017

Hardtail frames for less than £500 (and just in time for winter) – wideopen

Pipedream Moxie – first ride

26 September 2017

“This is the most competent and confidence inspiring hardtail I’ve ever ridden. If you’re interested in hardcore hardtails, then this should definitely be on top of the shortlist. Embrace modern, forward thinking sizing and open up a new world of performance.” – IMBikemag

Moxie pre-orders goes live.

14 September 2017

We’re now receiving pre-orders for the Moxie HT160 enduro hardtail. Offer ends on 11 October!


8 September 2017

Pipedream Moxie: There are no words…………. Ok………….the new Pipedream Moxie is red hot. – enduro-mtb


3 September 2017

Eurobike 2017: Pipedream Cycles’ Enduro Hardtail – singletrack


1 September 2017

The new Pipedream Cycles Moxie – a hardtail that looks up for some trouble – wideopen


30 August 2017

Pipedream’s new hardtail is seriously rad aggro steel – offroad.cc

Sirius 4G

18 April 2017

Reviewed: The Pipedream Sirius 4G – wideopen


24 February 2017

Announcing the Pipedream A.L.l.C.E. Adventure Bike – bikepacking.com


21 February 2017

New Pipedream Cycles A.L.I.C.E. adventure bike lets you get lost in a gravel wonderland – bikerumour

Sirius 4G

6 October 2016

Pipedream Sirius gets a complete redesign for 2017 – bikeradar