About Us

A Little History

It was 1999 in South Wales. Our local weekday rides were the network of singletrack that span the valleys now known as Cwmcarn. Our weekend epics were into the Black Mountains and beyond.

A Manitou X-Vert fork acquired from a trip to the USA opened my eyes to the capabilities of a slack-angled hardtail. My issue was, the bicycle industry had settled on 71/73 geometry designed around 63-80mm travel forks so every frame I tried it in was compromised. Our post-ride banter and engineering know-how was fueling the kind of conversations that demand we put our money where our mouth is and so an idea was born: a pipedream.

Travels and Trails

Every ride teaches us something, hones our skills, formulates opinions and can often leave an indelible mark. Wet winters in the UK, long summer nights in Scotland, lung-busting climbs (and equally epic descents) in the French Alps and Colorado; the North Shore of Vancouver and the jungle trails of SE Asia have all added something to the mix.

Mud and dust, rain and shine, tarmac and trail: every ride has influenced our thoughts about what makes a great design.

The Dream Bike

Consequently, we’ve clear ideas about the qualities of our dream bike and we love the purity of a hardtail.

Since the days of Reynolds 531C and Columbus SLX, steel has always had a special place for us and in our opinion, is the material of the craftsman. We have a NO COMPROMISE philosophy when it comes to frame design and frame building. A dream bike is special, out of the ordinary, set apart and that’s why you’ll see features on our frames that are usually only found on a custom build. Sure it takes more effort and the details can cost us more, but to us it matters!

In 2004, not happy with ‘industry standard’ geometry, we finally built the hardtail frame that we wanted to ride – to critical acclaim.

Design and Build

We design our own frames and by working closely with our tubing suppliers and frame builders, we ensure that every frame is built to the highest standard. Our steel frames are built in Taiwan by some of the best welders in the industry.  It’s where “…magic is made”, as WMTB once said of our frames. Furthermore, we use high quality paints so that your frame has a wonderful and durable finish which should last for years.

Who is Pipedream

Pipedream Cycles is Alan Finlay and Stuart Davies: riders, founders, owners. We both love steel!

Based in South Wales, we’ve natural trails on our doorstep and easy access to some of the finest man-made trails in the UK, all of which provides us the with test grounds for our creations.

Alan Finlay

Alan is the technical guy at Pipedream: the designer, a developer and tester.

Ever since he was introduced to Lego and Mecano as a kid, he’s been designing, drawing and building something. Always curious to know how things work and why they are built the way they are, he’s been dismantling, tweaking, modifying and ‘improving’ things for years.

This curiosity took him into a profession in engineering where finally he had a creative outlet. Pipedream Cycles, however, is more than that. It’s a passion.

Stuart Davies

Stuart is a test and development rider, the administration and most likely the one who’ll box and ship your bike.

He’s an avid cyclist who won’t be pigeon-holed. It’s taken him to France and L’Etape du Tour as well as the gravity trails of the Alps. However, he’s equally at home in his native Wales where the ability to tolerate rain is essential.

He’s not the most talkative, saving his breath to smoke you on climbs! However, if you should see him on the trails, be sure to say Hi!