About Pipedream Cycles

In Search of the Dream Bike

Steel (in our opinion) is an artisan’s material and creates a beautiful bicycle: we’re passionate about it. We have a no-compromise approach to frame design which is why you’ll see features on a Pipedream that are more typically only found on a custom-built bicycle frame. Yes, it takes more effort to fabricate but it’s these subtle details that set our frames apart.

We were very intentional in not putting a person’s name to the frame as we believe that the bicycle becomes wholly yours. It was also our intention to provoke your consciousness on every ride to the beauty of the material and to inspire you to dream!

The People

Pipedream Cycles was founded by Alan Finlay in 2005. Alan is the designer of each Pipedream frame and as a rider and engineer, these disciplines unite to create what we believe are among the best ‘off the peg’ steel bicycle frames available anywhere in the world. But Pipedream is more than one person: Dominic, Mike and Victoria are the other dedicated members of the crew – all passionate cyclists – who play an integral part in this company.

The knowledge, experience and expertise we’ve all developed over the years combine to make us a potent team. As such, Pipedream Cycles has won multiple awards and critical acclaim from the cycling press; we’ve won the British MTB Enduro Series and a national championship; and our products continue to be at the forefront of this ever-evolving passion/sport – call it what you will.

But at the end of the day, Pipedream is ultimately a clan of riders who count a Pipedream bike as their own – and that can include you.