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Moxie back in stock soon | pre-order yours now

Fabrication of the Moxie will be complete around mid-March. The frames then go for an ED treatment then it’s off to the paint shop for a spectacular finish with new colours and new decals for 2019.

ALICE back for the summer | more info soon

It’s the adventure bike for mountain bikers (so we keep being told) and if everything goes to plan, ALICE will be back for the summer and those long days and short nights. Watch this space for more updates.

Design philosophy
Our mission is to create the most aesthetically beautiful and highest performance steel and titanium bicycle frames.

There’s a beauty about a bespoke frame but – not to take anything away from the artisan builders – price and reason often limit what can be built when it’s a one-off. We’re able to push those boundaries.

The small batch advantage

As a designer of small batch frames using possibly the best steel and titanium frame-building factory in the world, we’re able to design and manufacture the optimal parts and custom tubing so you can have a high performance bicycle frame at a price that doesn’t cost the earth.

It’s been said that perfection’s been achieved, not when there’s nothing left to add but when there’s nothing left to take away. The reality is, there are few things that are perfect, especially where art, design and engineering meet. But when these 3 elements are in harmony, it’s about as close as we’re going to get. 


With the engineering and manufacturing technologies available today there’s few reasons to accept the compromising ‘solutions’ so commonly accepted. With each frame we design, we look for creative and aesthetically pleasing simple solutions: this simplicity will often result in clean lines or swooping curves and features that set our frames apart from the crowd. Crucially, they also deliver the performance and strength where and when you need it.

We’re not going to claim perfection – that’s for you to decide – but we’re striving for it!

“Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

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